Who We Are

Auction Properties UK head office is located on in Bradford, West Yorkshire. We provide you recent and detailed information on all properties made available for auctioning. We cover virtually all UK properties available for auction.

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Why Choose Us

Everything to buying and selling your property is done through our online Auction , its hassle free and all documents and forms are filled out and completed online.

Our online Auction system gives you the chance to step back and not have a worry knowing your property is in the safest hands possible. Our online Auction is tailored so the entire process is as easy as can be but with help and advice available along the way.

We always maintain a transparent environment and make our customers feel satisfied. All your documents and agreements are safe with us.

Our aim is to respond to and queries as quick as possible and make sure our clients are always informed of how their property is doing and they can see it themselves on our website.

Our offices are located in the heart of Bradford center with prominent displays of our online Auction.

Happy Clients