Acceptable Use Policy

The acceptable use policy explains our terms between you and us which is accessible under and it applies to all users of our site. By using auction properties UK, you agree and accept all policies binding to this acceptable use which supplement our terms of service. Auction Properties UK is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire.


Our site is to be use for lawful purposes only. The prohibited uses include (but not limited to) using this site in ways that:

violate any applicable law either locally, internationally or nationally

  • Unlawful or fraudulent purposes
  • Harms or attempts to harm the minors in any way
  • Sends, receives, uploads, use or re-use materials that does not comply with the terms of service, that contains viruses or any other harmful programs.
  • Transmits unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or promotional material or any other way relating to spam
  • Not to reproduce, duplicate/copy or re-sell any part of our site or materials on our site in a way that violates the terms of use of our website
  • Not to access any part of our site, equipment or network on which our site is stored in ways that disrupt or damage the site, and software used in the provision of our site or used by any third party without authority

We may provide unlimited time to time interactive services on our site:

Online auctions ("interactive services")

When interactive services are provided, clear information will be provided to you on the kind of services we offer. We will also try our possible best to access any possible risk encountered by users from third parties when this interactive service is used. We will also decide on the kind of moderation to use on this site and we are not obliged to oversee, monitor or moderate any interactive service provided on this website. We do not warranty the loss or damage that may arise from the use of any interactive service by a user whether moderated or not.

The consent of a parent or guardian is needed in the use of any of our interactive services by a minor. Therefore, parents are advised to communicate online safety to their children who use this interactive service as well as the potential risks attached, as moderation is not a foolproof. A moderator will be available to attend to any difficulty that may arise when we moderate an interactive service.


The content standard applies to any or all materials which you contribute to our site (contributions), as well as its associated interactive services which must be abided.

Where facts are stated, contributions needs to be accurate, held genuinely especially where opinions are stated and must comply with the UK applicable law.

Also, contributions must not contain offensive, obscene or defamatory materials. It must not also promote violence, illegal activities, discrimination, sexually explicit materials, copyright infringement, unlawful acts or be used to impersonate a person.

Failure to abide to this applicable use policy or breach in this policy will result in suspension or termination of your use of this website, which will be solely decided on our discretion by our team members. You can read more on termination or suspension in our terms of use page. This applicable use is subjected to changes at any time, you are hereby advised to always check if any change has been effected or we will communicate to you if any changes occur.