FAQs about online property auctions

We sell diverse of property including residential and commercial premises, sites and investment opportunities, etc.

An online catalogue with descriptions and photos of our lots will be available as a guide. It is necessary to check frequently for updates as changes may be made.

Most of our auction properties are live for 28 days / 56 days on our website during which you can place a bid on a property at any point in time. You can check the time remaining on a specific auction by clicking on the search section or the property details for the display of the remaining time.

Starting bids are only for guidance and they are not the actual price at which the property is sold. Every auction has a starting bid which is the price published for each property and it states the point at which the bidding will start. The starting bid may be subject to change at any point in time during the marketing. Each starting bid has a corresponding reserve price.

Yes, especially where the area is easily accessible we will organize some viewing details about the property which will be posted online. You can also contact our auction specialist agent for more details.

A reserve price is the minimum price that is acceptable to the seller for selling a subject lot in the auction. Reserve prices are not published and the stated figure is a private agreement between the seller and the auctioneer. However, both the starting bid and reserve price can be subject to change.

A registration will be required initially and the online form can be found on our website. After registering, you will receive a welcome mail indicating that you are ready to bid. We created user friendly website so you can bid for your choice of property at the comfort our own home. Your bid price is in your control 24/7, you can bid online anytime anywhere.

This will be dealt with on an individual basis when a bid is placed on a property before the auction finishes. All offer must be made known to the seller according to law and it is left to the seller to decide if the offer will be accepted and taken out of the auction process. All terms and conditions still apply and the reservation fee is still payable. Please email your offer at info@auctionpropertiesuk.com.

If you need a survey on the property, you can inform your surveyor to contact us for access arrangement.

In this modern era of auctioning, the bid reserves you the right to exchange contracts on the property at a stipulated price within 28 days which the bid is accepted and it does not bind you to buy the property. You are obliged to pay a reservation fee and as well sign the reservation agreement.

During the auction, if the reservation price is not met, the seller will be communicated and we will see if a sale can be achieved by any interested parties. You can contact a member of the auction team in case you are interested in an unsold lot.

As soon as you decide to bid on a property, our advice is to speak with your solicitor. You can view our legal document online for more legal information which is freely available. We can refer you a solicitor who will complete your process of buying a property.

Lots are usually offered in the order which they appear in the online auction.