Buyer guide for buying property through online auction

Buyer’s Benefits

At Auction Properties, buying of property has been made easy by providing an ideal property which is accessible and secure. An online detailed property information is also available to provide the buyer with information and prices pertaining to an auction as well as a chance to visit the property and if you like the property, you can go ahead to bid for it. Our process is crystal clear and transparent for seller, buyer and agents.

Buyers' Benefits:
  • Buying with a mortgage: we not only sell to cash ready investor but also those who want to arrange a mortgage on the property they wish to buy.
  • 24/7 online bidding: we offer unique online platform that allows you bid on any property of your interest at anytime.
  • Buyers information pack: to help you understand more on our properties before bidding, we provided an information pack with each property we offer for a better decision.
  • If think of buying properties in the UK then, Auction Properties UK is the right place to go. Our guide will provide useful tips to buyer from getting a mortgage to making an offer on a property. It includes:

  • Free vs leasehold: freehold is when the property belongs to you and you will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance while leasehold allows you to acquire the property as long as the property is leased which are usually for 999years.
  • Obtaining a mortgage: independent mortgage brokers can assist you to work within your budget. There are usually attractive packages on mortgage comparative research.
  • Making an offer on a property: offer is usually made through our online bidding system.
  • One-off cost: this include survey, arrangement fee, stamp duty tax, legal fee and fees for land registry which all needs to be considered when buying a property.
  • Legal process: it include all processes from the beginning of the contract to the completion which are pre-contract, contract exchange, between exchanging and completing, completion and after completion.
  • Buy to let: you buy a property to later lease out.