Fees Charges

Reservation fee charges :

To secure most of the properties in Auction Properties UK, a non-refundable reservation fee needs to be paid by the winning bidder and it applies when the seller chooses a no fee method of property sale through the auction. It is paid in addition to the bid and does not form part of the selling price. It is usually 3.9% including VAT of the purchase price (£4000). You are advised to check the fee and charges section for the fee payable on the profile page of the property you want to purchase before proceeding. Your total purchase price as well as non-refundable reservation fee must be considered before bidding. A red label will appear beneath the starting price of each property that reservation fee applies.

Buyer information pack fee:

In cases where Auction Properties UK has provided the buyer information pack, a payable fee of £499.00 including VAT will be paid by the buyer. This fee is usually made alongside with reservation fee.

Please note:

Make sure you understand the payable fee and you are satisfied with it before placing a bid.