Our Agents


We network with a good number of agents and are growing everyday who are benefiting from our online auctions. Our agents have sold properties and have also received commission of their sold properties with Auction properties UK limited. All these networking has brought positive reviews to our company and as well increased our business base. You can join some of our partner agents today as listed on our website and broadcast your testimonial as well.


As an agent, the benefits you receive from offering an auction option to your client include:

  • Increased average fees and revenue: we will help grow your business and increase tour service range at no cost. Our services will also help you reduce withdrawal rates and gives you more advantage over your competitors. Also, our complementary services will also help increase by adding to your revenue.
  • Excellent incentives: we offer incentives throughout the year that help our staffs focus and reward their efforts.
  • Marketing, pr and design support: our marketing, pr and design support help our partner agents promote auction to their clients by providing them with customized website that grant them all that are necessary for effective marketing. Also, provision of branded items containing your logo and contact details which grants partner agent individual designs from our experienced team.
  • Full staff training and ongoing support: we provide training to new and existing staff to improve staff skills and more knowledgeable on the current happenings pertaining to auction by increasing auction business.
  • Flexible range of auction options to offer your clients: we offer wide range of auction services that are easy to access which allows our clients to participate at anytime and at any part of the country.
  • After sales support: we offer after sale support once a sale is made to ascertain that the sale is complete and that all goes well with minimal problem. Our clients can testify to how well we perform after sales support by the positive reviews we get from them, which is available on our testimonial page.


Aren't all these benefits fantastic? Join us today if you are a property business and see how we can assist you in driving additional revenue by filling the form provided on our "join us page" on our website.

PLEASE NOTE, the form is strictly for business use and you can contact us if you are unsure whether it is right to use the form. We will be glad to attend to your question.