Seller Agreement


At Auction Properties UK, we offer online auction service to help seller sell quickly and securely, increase interest in their property. By using our online portal, we offer you a commission free way of selling your home.

  • ONLINE METHOD: the successful buyer is required to pay a reservation fee and as well sign an online reservation form at the beginning of the auction. Also, the buyer reserves the right unconditionally exchange contracts on a property within 28days at an agreed price and complete 28 days afterwards.
  • VENDOR PAID: you can decide to pay the sales fee instead of the buyers fee
  • RESERVATION FEE: here, the buyer pays a non-refundable reservation fee as well as the purchase price which covers the costs of the auction. It serves as an affirmation that the buyer is serious and ready to proceed with the purchase.
  • THE AUCTION AND SALE PROGRESSION: once the auction and payment type is selected, a personal auction expert who will keep you updated with viewing feedback and bids will be assigned to you. Your auction expert becomes your point of contract as they will provide you weekly activity updates and guide you through the entire process. Once the auction is successful, the sale will be managed till completion by our expert sales progression team and also keep you updated the whole steps.
  • AUCTION PACKS: an auction pack will be needed if you decide to sell your property through online auction. It contains vital information pertaining to your property that is needed by a potential purchaser when bidding. It includes the following which we can also provide for you on a no sale, no fee basis:

Local Authority Search, Property Information Questionnaire, Water and Drainage Search, Reservation Form or Contract, Title Plan and Register or Epitome of Title, General Terms and Conditions, Fixtures and Fittings Form, any Special Conditions of Sale.


Listed below are some of the benefits derived by sellers who seek additional peace of mind by using our services:

  • 0% commission to sell
  • You do not require paying a fee to enter your property into one of our auctions nor pay whether your property sells or not.

  • Security
  • Our service is secure to use as buyers will be required to pay a non-refundable reservation fee or deposit to secure your property and to assure you that they are committed to the sale.

  • Undisclosed reserve price
  • This ensures that you sell at a happy and stipulated price of your choice.

  • Complete and exchange fixed date
  • This is set from the start to ensure that all process goes smoothly as planned.

  • Increased levels of interest and viewings
  • By using Auction Properties UK, your property receives more exposure from our website, and our online bidding facility which is accessible all the time. This will in turn increase interest around your property, leading to more views and bids.

  • Best possible price is achieved
  • The competition on your property may be high due to increased activity which drives the final selling price and makes the best price achievable.


Reasons to sell through our online auction:

  • 1. It works for any home type: check through our website to discover various ranges of properties been sold through our modern auction.
  • 2. Quickly find a buyer: due to the competitiveness in auction, it takes 28 days from agreeing to a sale to exchange of contract.
  • 3. Selling at the right price: this allows all vendors to sell at a stipulated price of their choice by putting a reserve price on their property.
  • 4. Generate more viewings: we market properties with specific buyers in mind whose properties have a decent footfall to create a competitive environment for viewing and offerings on houses.
  • 5. Get genuine commitment: a buyer commits through a legally binding contract and a non-refundable deposit once an online bid is accepted, which gives you as a seller peace of mind.
  • 6. Avoid failed sales: this is best achieved through auctions which is minimized by online method as a result of non-refundable reservation fee payable upfront compared to the traditional selling method with over 25% of failure.

If all the listed above sounds interesting; then feel free to contact our auction department and speak to any of our property expert who will guide you through.