Seller Guide

As a seller, our dedicated auction specialists will assist in selling your property quickly and securely. In this 21st century, we offer modern methods of auction with flexible routes for sellers looking to sell quickly at an increased interest in their properties through a secured process which the open market may not be able to offer.

  • No sale, no fee: you do not require a fee to include your property into any of our auctions. As a seller, you only pay an auction pack fee of 499.00 plus VAT if your property sells.
  • Zero percent commission to sell: a non-refundable reservation fee of 3.9% plus VAT of the purchase price (tantamount to a minimum of 4000 plus VAT) is paid by the buyer. A reservation agreement is also signed by the buyer which secures the property to them and commits them to the purchase.
  • Transaction security: due to the various fee and agreement the buyers sign, our transactions are safe.
  • Undisclosed reserved price: as a seller, you set a hidden reserve price for each auction to ensure that you are satisfied with the purchase price.
  • 28-day completion timescale: this timescales are set to ensure a quick and smooth process that benefit all as possible.
  • Greater level of interest and viewings: our online bidding facility is accessible 24/7 which will allow your property to be more exposed on our websites, resulting to increased interest around your property.
  • Achieve fair market value: our experienced auction specialists will help in selling your property in a transparent and seamless process.
  • If you are in doubt of selling a property, our experienced auction specialist are available to advice you on its suitability for auction and provide a free informal appraisal. To assist with such advice, you will need to provide details on the following (but not limited to):

  • Address and post code
  • Short property description which includes photographs and plans (floor/site)
  • Tenure and occupation details
  • Any other relevant information like a history of the property and any planning information

If you decide to proceed with our online auction, our auction specialists will discuss and confirm in writing, timescales, commission, auction expenses and terms of engagement. There will also be no additional cost towards auction marketing as well as an appropriate catalogue entry, board and general advertising which gives your property exposure to potential buyers. Once we are instructed to sell on your behalf, our expert agent will inspect the property to prepare a draft catalogue entry for you and your solicitor to approve.

Your solicitor will be required to confirm you have the authority to sell the property and needs to prepare a legal pack which will include:

  • Special conditions of sale
  • Title documents
  • Details of occupancies
  • Searches
  • Planning documentation
  • Office copies entry

Where relevant, you will also need to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). All these information will be available for download by our potential bidder on our website.